Here we have listed related links (in alphabetical order) towards initiatives, organisations, projects etc. Please help us to keep it updated and useful!
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Agriculture in the Region Lombardia (Italy) reference by EUCALAND member Land SLR
ARKUM (Germany) Scientific association on historic research on cultural landscapes in central Europe
CoE, European Landscape Convention ELC
Deutsches Forum Kulturlandschaft (Germany)
FAO GIAHS initiative: Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, EUCALAND contact: Goran Andlar
Kuladig - German on-line, interactive and participatory database on cultural landscape elements
Landscape Observatory (Spain) with a very good calender on landscape realted events
Lower Austrian Government (Austria), funder in the first EUCALAND project
LVR (Germany) with many landscape related activities, participatory, education
Expo 2015 Milan (Italy)
PECSRL - Permanent European Conference for the Study of the Rural Landscapes, every two years conference and EUCALAND GA    
Preserving World Heritage in Southeastern Europe (Italy)
South Milan Agricultural (Italy)
UNESCO Cultural Landscapes
Wallhecken (field hedges)(Germany) more than 30 years of research on enclosed fields!