PECSRL 25th session 2012
Special Session: “Reflection on landscape change: the European perspective” to be held Leeuwarden and Terschelling, The Netherlands, from August 20 to August 24, 2012

"Landscape inventories as means to understand landscape change"

by Alexandra Kruse, Michael Roth, Anu Printsmann, Graham Fairclough


EUCALAND (European Culture Expressed in Agricultural Landscapes) Network (http://www.eucalandnetwork.eu) is an expert network that deals with the cultural and agricultural landscapes of Europe, promoting their consideration and use among their people and preserving their cultural heritage. Following the successful special session in 2008 at PECSRL in Óbidos and 2010 in Riga/Liepaja this time we would like to focus more on the different national ways of documenting landscape change. This might be done in maps, cadastres, inventories etc.
The aim of the special session is to show the different forms and methods used in the countries on the one hand, to analyse parallels and to learn from each other in the European perspective. We would like to show examples (also as a follow-up of the EUCALAND workshop of 2007 in Cambridge) and to continue the debate on a European classification and database on European agricultural landscapes. Therefore first results of the EUCALAND manual on describing and mapping European agricultural landscapes will be presented.
The topics relevant to this special session concern the perception of agricultural landscapes and their heritage by different methodological approaches and experiences; what people do to create, maintain, destroy heritage in agricultural landscapes, how approaches towards heritage in agricultural landscapes have altered; interactions between local stakeholders, local and global policies; do different support mechanism create new heritage; heritage in agricultural landscapes and nature conservation; what happens to agricultural heritage in urban sprawl circumstances etc. Therefore we are welcoming theoretically informed papers based on empirical research, preferably on comparative or European-wide context.

• Mrs Alexandra Kruse, coordinator of the Eucaland-Network, Bureau for Landscape & Services, Germany
• Mr Michael Roth, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany
• Ms Anu Printsmann, Tallinn University, Estonia
• Mr Graham Fairclough, Newcastle, UK